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Happy Rosanna : Online-Shop - T-shirts and more
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Online-Shop - T-shirts and more

>>> to the Shop with the books of Happy Rosanna

A small selection from the diverse range of products with motifs of Happy Rosanna and her friends.

The products are produced and shipped by Spreadshirt. On their page you also have the option to choose between many colors of shirts, mugs, etc. and use the customize (pencil symbol below the product) to exchange the motif and change its size and position. There are also many other products with Happy Rosanna and her friends. Each of our motifs / designs are usually found on all offered products (T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, etc.).

Just click on the product to go to the corresponding selection page.

1. Select a product below and you will land on the corresponding Spreadshirt page.

2. If you like it exactly as it is, determine the color and if necessary set the clothing size etc. and press "Add to basket".
Otherwise click on the pencil under the product picture and then on "Customize" or on "Customize" at the top menu.

3. Click on "Products" to select one and if necessary choose its color and clothing size, etc.

4. Click on "Designs" to select your motif. Several motifs can also be selected and deleted again if necessary.

5. Change the size and position of the motif as you like. You can also rotate the motif.

6. The color of monochrome motifs can also be changed, for example to print something light on a dark shirt.

7. Some products can be printed on different areas. T-shirts for example on the front, the back and the sleeves.

8. If you like your design, you can click "Get Price" and select a size etc. if necessary and then "Add to basket".